Welcome to a new place…

This website is designed for people who are unsure about what the real state and future of our world are.


Or about their ability to do anything useful in the face of seemingly unstoppable progress in the wrong direction.  Or about what action they might take to improve things.

A summary document, the “Fence Sitters’ Manifesto”, outlines where we are now, how we got here, where we need to go, and how we might get there.  The detailed version of this, a book, called “A New Place to Stand: Beyond Profit and Power” gives more detail on all these matters, and can be read directly, or dipped into via the Manifesto.

As promised, I have now started a blog on current events and new developments, relating them to the text, themes and issues addressed in the “New Place”.  And if anybody provides me with material which substantively challenges anything I have said, be assured I will share it with you – I would dearly love to be proved wrong about many of the things described on this website about the current state of the world, its likely trajectory, and the causes of it all.

in the meantime, welcome to a new place…………….Bruce Anderson